Rockwool’s Questionable “Human Health Risk Assessment” is Further Proof of the Danish Company’s Untrustworthiness




Rockwool’s Questionable “Human Health Risk Assessment” is Further Proof of the Danish Company’s Untrustworthiness

Rockwool has recently issued a greenwashing report masquerading as an independent “human health risk assessment.” Predictably, the questionable study concludes that the Ranson plant’s emissions will not increase the risk of adverse health effects due to exposure to Rockwool’s toxic pollutants. These findings are ludicrous, cannot be trusted, and are yet more proof of Rockwool’s lack of transparency when dealing with our community.


Of all the environmental consultants available, Rockwool chose a controversial and widely questioned firm called the Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health (CTEH) to collect data for them. CTEH has a documented record of shoddy monitoring work when it comes to air and water quality, and workers’ exposure to chemicals. CTEH has been criticized over its work around a fuel oil spill in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 and a coal ash spill in Tennessee in 2008. More recently, CTEH was accused of mishandling data collection during the March 2019 fire at a chemical storage facility outside of Houston which blanketed the city in a cloud of smoke and forced many school districts in the area to shut down. 


Why was CTEH the consultant of choice in those cases as well as for Rockwool? Certainly, the company’s alleged history of mishandling data raises a series of questions. 


Rockwool has ignored the voices of thousands of local residents who do not want the company and its toxic production process in Jefferson County, WV. Instead, the company has hired the area’s own state delegate, Majority Whip Paul Espinosa, to act as its corporate mouthpiece and apologist.  


Nothing in Rockwool’s history in Jefferson County inspires even a shred of confidence in their public pronouncements of being a clean industry, or a good neighbor. Touting environmental stewardship in the face of questionable science, faulty permits, observable issues, supine governmental and quasi-governmental bodies and unseemly influence with officialdom; the company never fails to disappoint.


For more on Rockwool consultant CTEH’s controversial history, see:

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This Consulting Firm Was at the Center of Katrina and the BP Spill. Now It’s Under Fire Again,” Mother Jones, March 20, 2019.


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